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Little bit About Us

Why did we choose the name Graphite Work?


Graphite Work is more than just a company name – it is an expression of who we are and what we do. Using the lines of creativity, commitment and class, we build the webbed network of magnanimous marketing frames for your brand. Since the inception in 2007, we have been using a holistic approach blended with the power of positive emotions and a belief to mark an impact to define every brand’s ideology. 


We work with heart and technology

As a design studio for future, our creative involve equal parts of hands-on creativity and updated technology. We believe inspiration roots in heart and can be finely finished with cutting edge tools. Therefore, at Graphite Work, you will find a compelling blend of craftsmanship, strategy and technology.

Who We Are

A comb of hyperactive minds

Graphite Work is a design studio established in 2007 with a vision to help companies build brands that will be loved forever. As a bunch of creative minds and techno geeks that includes concept artists, graphic designers and animators, we love building impressions that lasts forever.

What We Do

Inspire and connect the world for change

As a designing and branding partner, we offer a range of services from logo designing to creating animation videos for a wide and vivid range of clientele. The counts of our work already crossed hundreds of impactful designs and creatives. And we are moving on with full horse power!

Why Work With Us

Making brand growth a reality

We don’t say we are different but we work differently. The team at Graphite Work use a strategic inside-out approach carefully tuned with a measured process. From listening and understanding your branding need to visualizing it, weaving it into a concept, creating a story for it and ultimately giving it a presentable structure that will be a thing to remember for long – Graphite Work craft an experience that is unforgettable for you and your target audience.

We Are Global

In our journey that started a decade ago, we have worked with 3k+ clients with positive feedback.

Services that we provides.

1)                                 Whiteboard animation

2)                                 2-D animation

3)                                 Stick figure animation

4)                                 Paper cut animation

5)                                 Infographics

6)                                 Typography

7)                                 Motion graphics

8)                                 Stop motion



1)                                 Explainer videos for a product, service or company.

2)                                 Promo videos

3)                                 Marketing videos

4)                                 Health care videos

5)                                 Product walkthrough video

6)                                 Product overview demos

7)                                 Corporate videos

8)                                 Start up videos

9)                                 Explain my website videos

10)                               Educational Videos.

11)                               Videos for non- profits.


Graphite Work United Kingdom 7, Langdale Avenue, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6, 3HA, UK


0044 77237 11610
0044 11380 87440